About the Toolkit

The Toolbox is a portable hard drive containing fully synced indexers and full-nodes. It contains all the open source infrastructure needed by web and mobile developers to build moderns apps capable of interacting directly with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Note: This hard drive is formatted using the ext4 filesystem. It is only readable by the Linux operating system. Windows and Mac will not recognize this file format by default. Check out the FAQ for software to read this format if you are using those operating systems. The software on it targets the Ubuntu 18.04 Linux OS.

Price: $200 in Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Navigating the Stack

This video discusses the two types of software stacks that can be constructed with the data in the Toolkit.

Directory Structure

The hard drive you recieve will have the following directory structure. Each directory will contain:

  • A zip file of synced data.
  • A copy of the repository used to create a Docker container capable of reading the data in the zip file.
The hard drive targets the Ubuntu 18.04 OS. The commands needed to install Docker and Docker Compose can be found here

├── full-nodes
│   └── mainnet
│   └── testnet
├── indexers
│   ├── insight # Used by rest.bitcoin.com
│   │   ├── mainnet
│   │   ├── testnet
│   ├── blockbook
│   │   ├── mainnet
│   │   ├── testnet
│   ├── bitcore
│   │   ├── mainnet
│   │   ├── testnet
│   ├── slpdb
│   │   ├── mainnet
│   │   ├── testnet
├── rest-apis
│   ├── bch-api
│   ├── docker-rest.bitcoin.com
├── bch-stack-monitor
├── libraries
│   ├── bch-js
│   ├── bitbox-sdk

Setting up the Software

This video discusses the basic workflow of starting the software applications in the Toolkit for setting up an application stack. Start at the bottom, and run the applications from bottom to top, in this order:

  1. Full node
  2. Indexers
  4. Stack monitor

The general workflow for each layer of the stack is the same:

  1. Unzip the data.
  2. Download or build the Docker container.
  3. Run the Docker container.