Bitcoin Cash JavaScript Toolkit

The Toolkit is a portable hard drive containing fully synced indexers and full-nodes. It contains all the open source infrastructure needed by web and mobile developers to build modern apps capable of interacting directly with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

  • 4 TB, USB 3.0, Portable Hard Drive
  • Fully-synced full nodes and indexers for both mainnet and testnet.
  • Diversified indexers to prevent platform risk
  • Only uses open source software licensed for commercial use.
  • Docker containers for easy deployment and customization.
  • Cost: $200 USD

What's on the disk?

The disk contains the following Bitcoin Cash infrastructure. Full nodes and indexers are synced and backed up every two weeks, allowing for minmal time spent synchronizating after you recieve it. Links below are to the GitHub repositories. Each repository contains the Docker container or node.js software installed on the disk, used to run each layer of the stack.

  • Full Nodes

    • ABC - The original BCH implimentation client that started Bitcoin Cash.
  • Indexers


    • - Written in Typescript. The original REST API allowing web and mobile apps to interface with the BCH blockchain. Developed and managed by

    • bch-api - a fork of Refactored in JavaScript, and expanded to use Bitcore and Blockbook APIs.

  • BCH JS Libraries

    • BITBOX SDK - An npm library, written in Typescript and maintained by It provides high level abstraction to common use cases for working with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. It also provides convenient JavaScript functions to interact with the API.

    • bch-js - A fork of BITBOX SDK, refactored to JavaScript. Includes endpoints for working with Blockbook and Bitcore, through bch-api REST API server.
  • Example BCH Applications

    • bch-cli-wallet - Both an npm library and command-line application with HD wallet. Easy to use as a stand-alone wallet, or it can be included in your next JavaScript app to instantly give it wallet capabilities.

    • tip-bch - Tipping management app. Easily fund QR codes to give paper or digitial 'tips'. Tipped funds can be recalled if they are not claimed. A risk-free way to on-board the crypto-curious.


Need a plug-and-play solution? This mini-pc is preconfigured to run all of the above infrastructure. Plug in power and an ethernet cable. That's all you need! No setup required. Specs on the PC:

  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel i3
  • Memory: 32 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Drive: 120GB SSD internal, 4TB external
  • All infrustrcture starts at boot. All available over TCP ports listed here
  • Cost: $1,500 USD